Friday, November 13, 2015

How does food reach the baby inside the mother's womb? Watch the 3D animation here!

Have you ever wondered how the food travels to get to the womb of the mother for the baby to feed on?

This video will answer all the questions that are asked about how the food are brought to the babies in the mother's womb. The experts claim that it is necessary for the mothers to double their intake of food as if they were eating for two people. 

Well, the truth is the mother and the baby is considered as two persons eating in one mouth. That is why they needed to eat as much as they wanted to. So that the mother and the baby could be as healthy as possible. 

The food goes into the mother's digestive tract and then the nutrients are being absorbed by the stomach and the oxygen and water are sent to their baby.
Via PregnancyVideosCrackerDaily