Saturday, November 14, 2015

The judges claim that she's crazy for singing it in Acappella. When she started? They were left in shock!

There had been a lot of great videos online that showcased an individual's talent. But then I won't argue with anyone who will say that this video is one of the best performances ever! 

In this video, a woman named Chloe Paige used a Christian song for a talent competition.

What's even more surprising is when she decided to sing the song in Acapella. The song was entitled "Amazing Grace," and the judges thought that it is crazy to sing it in Acapella because she chose a hard song.

But then as she was performing, the judges can't help but be shocked with what Chloe Paige showed them. 

Chloe claims that she thought that she has to do something different to make her stand out from the other contestants, that's why she ended up doing this marvelous performance!