Sunday, August 20, 2017

A man holding flowers and chocolates in his hand, waited for four hours to surprise his GF. Read the his heartbreaking story here!

Let's face the fact that these days, more and more people are refusing to believe in love because of the way the young ones are playing with love and commitment. But sometimes, you better take risks and maybe, you will end up with someone who's more than willing to do everything just to make you happy.

These days, more men are being impatient. A lot of men out there aren't even willing to wait for more than ten minutes because of one reason 'they hate waiting'. However, there's this one guy that has captured the attention of the netizens aftter he did the unthinkable! 

A netizen has recently share the story of a young man that they saw in front of a grocery store. According to the netizen, he and his friends went out to grab something to eat when they noticed this man standing outside the grocery store. They also noticed that he's holding a bouquet of flower in his hand and a Toblerone. 

"Bilib ako sa lalaking to. 5:30pm nang nakita ko siya sa baba ng gym sa tabi ng savemore. Kasama ko ang mga kaibigan ko na nagmemeryenda. Sabi ko sa tropa ko napakaeffort naman ng taong to..." 

An hour had passed but the netizen noticed that the man was still patiently waiting. He was still standing outside the store holding his surprises on his right hand and his mobile phone on the other hand.

It was then when they found out that he has been sending messages to his girlfriend but he hasn't received a single reply from her.

Two hours had already passed but the man is still standing outside. The netizen claimed that they already decided to go home but the man was still patiently waiting for his girlfriend. Although sadness was already written on his face, he still chose to wait and hope that his girl would arrive.

The netizen then praised the man for patiently waiting for his girlfriend and for exerting such effort just to make his girlfriend happy. They then thought that the girl just wasted the man who's willing to wait for her.

"Hindi ko alam anong nakain mo bat ganyan ka kaeffort pero bilib ako sayo brad. Ikaw lang yung nakita kong ganyang ka effort na lalaki. Para sa babaeng hindi sinipot, malas mo ate." 

"Minsan na lang yung lalaking maghihintay ng sobrang tagal mapasaya ka lang. Kasi para saming mga lalaking seryoso, makita lang yung ngiti ng babaeng mahal namin okay na kami. Yung tipong walang wala na pero magbibigay pa din ng effor para mapasaya ka lang."

"Kuya, hindi ka man na appreciate ng babaeng hinihintay mo, alam ko na sa lahat ng makaka kita neto ngayon eh ma aappreciate ka."