Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A police officer was arrested after he invaded a couple's privacy and filmed them while they were having s*x!

A 'sex-obsessed' former police officer is currently sitting behind the bars after he filmed a couple who has having an intimate moment together. 

The former police officer who was identified as Adrian Pogmore invaded a couple's privacy after he filmed them having while he was on his chopper. In the said footage, the woman could even be seen waving to Pogmore, indicating that they knew the officer but they had no idea that they were already being filmed.

Sentencing Pogmore, Judge Peter Kelson QC told him: "You, quite literally, considered yourself above the law. No one is above the law."

The prosecutors stated that the former officer was a 'swinging and sex-obsessed air observer' who films different people while he's on his chopper. 

Judge Kelson told Pogmore, who was in tears as he was sentenced: "In short, you used a £2 million helicopter which costs something like 1,000 dollars (sic) an hour to run to advance your own sexual curiosities when it should have been detecting crime."

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