Wednesday, August 16, 2017

An unidentified creature that was found in Amazon, baffles the expert! What is it?

If you wanted to discover the things that you've never seen before, then the best place to be in is the Amazon. Only one third of the species in the world are considered as known species and that most of them have remained unnamed. And if you're out to identify those creatures, then try visiting the Amazon rainforest for you will not just discover something new, but you'll also be able to see something that's far from what you expected!

A lot of unexplained creatures have been popping out on social media after an unidentified person took a photo of it and post it online. 

The thing is, the photos of these unidentified and creepy creatures have been taking the internet by a storm and it's even creating an online debate if these creatures really exist or not? But who can tell? None of us knows what creatures are yet to be identified since most of them are still hiding fin the rain forest and also, with the technology nowadays, it's easier for a person to manipulate photos!

But then, just recently, a photo has been leaving everyone baffled because of what this man had discovered.