Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Arci Muñoz was spotted in public wearing a mask to cover her face! Is she ashamed of the result of the cosmetic surgery?

It's no secret that Arci Muñoz is one of the greatest, most talented, most beautiful actresses in the showbiz industry. Arci is a total package! Aside from being an actress, Arci is also a vocalist of a band called Philia, and she's also a brand endorser.

However, this gorgeous lady was criticized after her 'then and now' photos went extremely viral online! The netizens quickly lashed out that the change in her appearance is evident!

After the photos went viral, the netizens noticed the changes in her nose and lips. They noticed that her nose became more sharper and more defined, unlike before which just appears flat, while they noticed that her lips became fuller. However, Arci denies the allegation with her lips and stated that since she always wants to pout, she's using her lipstick to make her lips look fuller, to pull off the best pout selfie.

The viral photos made everyone think that Arci Muñoz underwent a cosmetic surgery to enhance her appearance.

But then, in a separate report, the actress revealed that she suffered an accident that forced her to do the surgery. She was doing a headbang at a concert  when her head hits the microphone stand. This report was made in the former show in ABS-CBN  called 'Kris TV'.