Saturday, August 26, 2017

'Basta may alak, may balak!' A woman was abused by three men during a drinking session!

These days, more and more women are being sexually abused and are being taken advantage of. Most people think that women tend to be vulnerable that's why they are being taken advantage of. The worst part is that some people are even blaming them for not fighting back.

What they all didn't know is that these women tend to fight back but then, they just feel so helpless every time they suffer the same fate.

Now, there's this Facebook user named Tou Hero who has recently posted a couple of videos on his social media account and a photo that showed how a woman was taken advantage of.

On the first video, a woman could be seen having fun in a drinking session with her friends when suddenly a woman grabbed her from her back and started massaging her boobs. Not just that, another man who was sitting beside her was caressing her and was even forcing her to open her legs wide so that he could touch her down there!

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