Thursday, August 24, 2017

'DAAN MUNA TAYO DON SA HOTEL! BIGYAN KITA 500' Another traumatic experience with a perverted taxi driver goes viral online!

Let's face the fact that these days, it's no longer safe to go out on your own. Whatever gender and what age you are, it's not safe to go out there on your own because you might end up being killed because of the war on the drugs or you might end up being sexually harassed by perverts in public places!

Recently, a lot of netizens have been using social media to raise awareness about perverted drivers and passengers out there who would do anything and everything just so they could please themselves. 

Tons of Facebook posts about how they were sexually harassed by perverts went viral and people can't help but be afraid by how some people can't control their needs. The worst part is that some netizens are even blaming the victims for not fighting back! I mean, why would you do that? Why would you do some victim blaming on this matter?

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