Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Ever wondered what happened to Romnick Sarmenta after leaving showbiz? He's now living a fancy life!

Romeo Nicolas Sarmenta Tejedor or more popularly known as Romnick Sarmenta is a Filipino actor who has been showing off his talent in showbiz industry ever since he was 5 years old when he played the role of 'Peping' in the television series 'Gulong ng Palad'. Romnick also became a part of the iconic TV series, 'Bakekang' and 'Impostora'. 

But as he grew older, he has captured the hearts of the viewers and even his co-actresses. He was the love team partner of Sheryl Cruz back in the 80s since they're both a part of 'That's Entertainment'.

The big question is, where is this heartthrob now? Where is he now and who did he end uup with? 

Romick Sarment ended up with someone from the That's Entertainment but it's not his former love team, Sheryl but Harlene Bautista.

Harlene Bautista and Romnick tied the knot in the 90s and they've been happily married for about 17 years now. Aside from being married, Romnick is also a father now, not just to 1 child but to his five children!

Harlene, on the other hand, is a public servant and an entrepreneur while Romnick is busy cycling. According to Harlene, Romnick has no plans of running for office and he's just happy that he's extending his helping hands without any title.