Saturday, August 12, 2017

Famous celebrities who became undeniably rich because of their current partners! Find out who's on the list!

It's no secret that when you're dating a man, their standing in life is quite important. Why? It's because most people wanted to settle down with someone who's already financially stable to support their future. In fact, there are lots of women out there who are searching for rich men who could support them. 

Although we can't choose who we'll fall in love with, it's definitely hard to have a stable life when not both of you are financially stable or one of you is having problems with money.

In case you missed it, we have here the list of celebrities who became even more wealthy because of their rich partners:

1. Nina Jose
- Her husband is a billionaire politician and also the owner and CEO of Stradcom Corporation.

2. Zsazsa Padilla
- The comedy king, Dolphy Quizon, already had a big name in the industry for he started appearing in shows when he was just 17 and because of the projects that came his way, he earned too much money to support his children and his wife, Zsazsa Padilla

3. Gretchen Barretto
- She's been with her partner Tony Boy Cojuangco for a long period of time now. Cojuangco is a business tycoon who also came from the prominent Cojuangco clan in Tarlac.

4. Kaye Abad
- She tied the knot with Paul Jake Castillo whose family owns various businesses like Bioderm, Efficascent Oil, Casino Alcohol, YOBOB Lechen De Cebu and others.