Thursday, August 24, 2017

Famous celebrities who never had a single cosmetic surgery!

Are you a fan of the Pinoy movies or the movies in the Philippines? If you are, then you've probably witnessed how some celebrities drastically changed their physical appearance just because they wanted to achieve the beauty that they've been wishing to have. 

There had been tons of articles and videos online showing the celebrities who are proud to claim that they underwent plastic surgeries. But then, we haven't seen any articles about the celebrities who haven't undergone a single plastic surgery.

Now, we offer you the list of celebrities who haven't undergone a single plastic surgery and they still look like who they were before they entered the showbiz industry. Minor changes in their appearance occurred but that doesn't change the fact that they didn't undergo a plastic surgery.

1. Marian Rivera
- Through the then and now photos, you can clearly see that the only thing that changed is her hair!

2. Maine Mendoza
- Maine is still that simple girl despite rising to fame after her accidental pair up with Alden Richards

3. Julia Barretto
- Julia still looks adorable! She's already gorgeous when she's little but she just looked even more gorgeous when she grew up.

4. Kristine Hermosa
- She was loved because of her team up with Diether Ocampo in the 90s but now, she already has a family of her own but she still looks the same.

5. Kathryn Bernardo
- This child star from Goin' Bulilit is all grown up now but she still looks who she is before.

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