Wednesday, August 9, 2017

'Hindi likeable si Maine!' Is it for real that Atak doesn't like Maine Mendoza? Read the full story here!

The famous comedian named Atak, was recently bombarded with hate from the AlDub fans after an Instagram user posted an alleged screenshot of Atak's DM or Direct Message.

The Instagram user @shaniza1985 posted a screenshot of a DM saying: "Hindi likeable si Maine kumpara kay Julie maganda na talented pa". The post was also accompanied by a caption saying that Atak just insulted Maine Mendoza and even called her 'plastik' 

"Atak just insulted Maine.. so plastic mga taga SPS grabe!!! This is a legit conversation that just hapened.. so kung sasabihin ni atak na nahack siya o kung ano mang reasons, may screenshots na magpapatunay that this happened," The netizen wrote as a caption.

Of course, AlDub fans were furious over the viral post. Some even went to low to the point that they called out on Atak for using Maine Mendoza to be a hot topic on social media. 

Meanwhile, Atak used his social media account to express his thoughts about the hot issue linked with him. According to Atak, he never said that Maine isn't likeable, in fact, he even stated that Maine is a nice person. He also give a message to the netizen who spread the post and told her not to spread such made up story!

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