Thursday, August 24, 2017

Hiwalay na nga ba sina Pokwang at ang kanyang boyfriend na si Lee O'Brian? Alamin Ang Buong Detalye Dito!

The netizens were left in total shock when Pokwang announced that she's pregnant. At the age of 44, Pokwang proudly announced that she's finally pregnant with her first baby with Lea O'Brian, her American boyfriend. However, after a couple of weeks, they found out that her pregnancy was delicate and the doctors even advised her to say in bed.

Because of the new blessing, the gift of life, the fans of Pokwang are expecting that the couple are having a good relationship. However, Pokwang's recent posts on Instagram say otherwise!

Pokwang recently posted a photo of her baby bump on Instagram but it's not what captured the netizens' attention, but rather the caption of the photo where she fondly called the baby in her womb as 'Baby Subong' which happens to be her last name.

The netizens were then left wondering why she called the baby 'Baby Subong' and not 'Baby O'Brian'.

Furthermore, even her boyfriend, Lee O'Brian got confused as to why the baby wouldn't get his last name.

"#babySubong? Im right here waiting for you and #babyobrian..." He wrote in the comment section

It was then when people were started asking if she's still in a healthy relationship with her boyfriend, Lee O'Brian.