Saturday, August 26, 2017

Iniwan ng babaeng ito ang kanyang buhay sa abroad at ibinenta ang lahat ng gamit niya para manirahan sa Pilipinas! Alamin kung bakit!

If you're already living the life that everyone's been dreaming of, will you still choose to leave it all behind and look for another way to live a simpler life? Of course, most of you would say no, but there would still be some people who would try to take the risk and start a whole new life again.

Now, there's this woman named Sanne Sevig who left everything behind and chose to live a simple life in the Philippines.

When Sevig was 25 years old, she studied at the University of Skövde and at the same time, she's also a project manager at a clothing company in Stockholm. In addition to that, this young woman has also been managing her own company and lecturing all over Sweden.

However, despite her luxurious life, this woman still chose leave it all behind when she realized that life in Sweden isn't for her because it's extremely stressful for her. 

”I had too many things going on at once and was never satisfied”, Sanne says.

After stress-filled years and sleepless nights that led to her suffering from fatigue, she finally decided to do something about it.

”I was smoking at the time and I couldn’t even go out for a cigarette and be quiet during the two minutes it takes. I had a panic attack. It was so quiet and I felt like shit. Then came the feeling that I couldn’t live like this anymore”, Sanne says.