Saturday, August 19, 2017

'Inuman lang mga bes, walang laplapan' A couple was caught on cam doing THIS inside a bar!

Let's face the fact that these days, more and more couples are being too aggressive when it comes to love. most of them have forgotten the 'traditional' way of being in a relationship where the man will only pay the woman a visit in their home for the parents of the girl to be sure that his intentions are pure. Gone are the traditional days because couples these days tend to choose to be in 'heaven' than be safe in their parents.

There had been a lot of couples who had been caught doing IT in public places such as parks, schools, churches and even bars! And now, another couple was caught doing IT! 

A Facebook user named JD Gaviola has recently posted two videos on his social media account along with the caption: "Inuman lang mga bes, walang laplapan 🙊😂🍻 @Sherwood. HAPPY T pa more! 😃✌"

The viral videos showed a couple kissing passionately and intimately in a balcony of what seems to be a bar in Taft.

There are claims that after a night out with their friends and after partying real hard, they caught this couple being too intimate as if no one could ever see them.