Thursday, August 17, 2017

Is it for real that Alice Dixson walked out on a broad daylight wearing nothing but her underwear? Find out here!

Alice Dixson is one of those sexy stars who are often compared to a fine wine because as time flies, just like a wine, she just gets even more beautiful! It appears that Alice herself, defies the laws of ageing! With just one look at Alice Dixson, will you really believe that she's already 47 years old? I mean, just look at that! Alice definitely looks younger than who she really is! 

Jessie Alice Celones Dixson or more popularly known as Alice Dixson, is a Filipino-American actress who continues to leave men drooling over her despite her age! It was back in 1986 when she became the Philippines' representative for ht eMiss International and she was also the first one to play the role of 'Faye' in 'Okay ka, Fairy Ko' with Vic Sotto.

However, just recently, Alice Dixson made waves on social media because of her photo! The viral photo shows Alice walking around with her dog and with just one glance, you might think that she's walking without her pants on! 

The viral video has already garnered more than 40 thousand views and people were shocked by what they saw. They got even more surprised when they realized that Alice Dixson was walking with that outfit around what seems like a park.