Sunday, August 13, 2017

'Kapag ba mataba ka dika na kamahal mahal?' Female netizen shares an eye-opening story about the fat women! READ THIS!

It's no secret that in this world that we're living in, people would judge you based on your physical appearance. Those who are good looking are get all the praises while the not-so-good looking people get all the insulting or worse, all the bullying, those who are sexy and slim are considered as pretty and hot while the chubby and the fat ones are being called names and are even considered UGLY. 

In this society filled with judgemental people, the best thing to do is to trust yourself and prove them all wrong! 

A Facebook user named Rica Bitonio has recently used her social media account to share an inspiring and indeed an eye-opening story to the netizens. 

""BABOY" "BOTCHOG" "DAMBUHALA" "WALA NG PAG ASANG PUMAYAT" "LILINDOL" "LAKI NG BRASO" "SA PICTURE LANG PAYAT"" These were the first words that she wrote on the caption of her photo

She then proceeded by saying that the words above are the words she's been hearing every since she was in elementary. She used to cry every time they tease her but when she grew up, she became numb from all the bullying that she's been getting.

Bitonio continued by asking if is it their fault that their parents are cooking delicious food and are feeding them well that's why they're healthy? She also added that not because you're fat doesn't mean that you're already ugly or a burden to anyone.