Sunday, August 13, 2017

'Kung mahal mo ko, magtiwala ka.' She had a fight with her BF. After two weeks, she was in tears after she saw THIS inside a room!

These days, more and more people are thinking that the young couples aren't serious with what they have and that they're just in a relationship for fun. But then, a lot of young couples are proving that they also deserve to love and to be loved despite their young age.

Now, there's this Facebook user who's more than willing to prove that even young ones know what love is! 

Jennylyn Obligado posted a couple of photos and a video on her Facebook account, showing off her boyfriend's efforts for their fourth monthsary. The post also came with a lengthy caption, explaining how her boyfriend pulled off such sweet surprise.

According to Obligado, she's been having fights with her boyfriend, for about two weeks. Of course, she's worried about their relationship because of their fights. Her suspicions started to grow even bigger when her boyfriend changed his password on Facebook. And just like any woman, she panicked and a lot of things entered her mind.