Saturday, August 12, 2017

Meet the gorgeous non-showbiz girlfriends of your favorite celebrities! They're too good to be true!

We can't deny the fact that most celebrities in the showbiz industry are ending up with those who aren't in the showbiz industry. Despite that they are being paired with different celebrities, there are still some who are finding their true love outside the showbiz world. 

But then, the fans always ask 'Is it worth it?'. If you're thinking that it's not worth it because they are wasting the beauty of their showbiz partners, then you're wrong because these celebrities wh have found love outside the showbiz world, have actually found the perfect catch! 

Below are the celebrities' non showbiz girlfriends whose beauties will make you say goodbye to your self esteem:

1. John James Uy and Alisa Sazanova
- He is a Filipino-Chinese indie film actor who appeared in the films Rigodon, Tayong Dalawa, and Juan C the movie. He's currently in a relationship with a vegan model Alisa Sazanova. She's a vegan model for Elite Manila.

2. Derek Ramsay and Joanne Villablanca 
- Derek is a Filipino-British actor who has everything that every women are searching for! He's got the good looks and s*x appeal that will surely make women drool on him. He is currently in a relationsip with Joanne Villanblanca who happens to be a model. Despite their 17-year age gap, they still chose to continue their relationship because they know it's worth it.

3.  Slater Young and Kryz Uy
- Slater Young who was best known for being the big winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited, is currently in a relationship with the fashion and lifestyle blogger Kryz Uy.