Saturday, August 26, 2017

Netizen shared how her pregnant sister died after being neglected by the doctors!

Are you familiar with the 'Hydrops'? Hydrops or Hydrops fetalis is a potentially fatal fetal condition where the levels of fluids in the female's womb are abnormal. The symptoms of this condition include severe swelling in the fetus.

This condition also has to types: The Immune and the non-immune. Stanford Children's Health stated that the immune-type occurs when the mother's system causes red blood cells of the fetus to breakdown.

“This is the most dangerous complication of blood group incompatibility between the mother and baby.”

While the non-immune type are is considered as one of the most common.The report said:
“It can result when diseases or complications interfere with the baby’s ability to manage fluid.”

Recently, a netizen used her social media account to share teh story of her pregnant sister who who had suffered from Hydrops, died and lost her baby. She claims that her sister's unborn baby died because of the doctors' negligence. Through a series of photos on her post, she revealed the detailed story behind her sister's death.

She then proceeded to describe her sister as a good person but when she became pregnant, things started to change, not just for her but for everyone around her.
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