Friday, August 11, 2017

Netizens are doing a bizarre challenge on social media using their breasts! This viral challenged sparked an outrage online!

The different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been the easiest way for strangers to communicate with each other. And also, these social media platforms served as a place where the netizens can share whatever they want to, even if it is the weirdest challenge online.

It appears that China has been the country with the most bizarre things! They've started a lot of body challenges on social media that shocked the world and they're doing it again! 

A new social media challenge that started in China has captured the attention of the netizens online. This social media craze includes topless women who would create heart shapes using both of their hands on their breasts! 

The trending challenge on social media, of course, drew flak from the netizens. 

The challenge aims to show the flexibility of the hands by doing a heart-shape depending on the size of their breasts! Their fingertips would then meet to cover up their nipples while the thumbs will meet at the bottom, supporting the heart-shaped breast.

Apparently, the heart-shaped breast challenge stated this week, for them to be able to attract more fans. Online users then claim that not everyone can complete the challenge because women with small breasts can't squeeze a perfect heart shape.

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