Sunday, August 20, 2017

'Oy, nakita ‘yung ano mo! Ipinagmalaki mo pa!' Alex Gonzaga shouts at Julia Barretto while inside the dressing room! WHY? WATCH THIS!

Alex Gonzaga is one of those 'prangka' celebrities who's very vocal in everything that she sees. Just like her sister Toni Gonzaga, Alex is outspoken and is not afraid to speak what's on her mind.

Through her quips and hilarious lines, you can say that she's really outspoken. But then, these days, Alex is barely seen on TV since she's also spending time with her sister's son, Seve. But of course, she doesn't let her career suffer. She's both a good artist and a good aunt to their baby Seve.

Alex Gonzaga isn't your typical entertainer for her frankness has been the way for her to let out blunt lines filled with nothing but the truth. One example of this is the video that Ohania Updates has posted on their YouTube Channel.

In the viral video, Alex Gonzaga caught Julia Barretto in a compromising position in the dressing room. At first, Julia was just showing off her dress and was dancing in front of the camera when suddenly, Alex told her: “Oy, nakita ‘yung ano mo! Chini-chismis na… ipinagmalaki mo pa!”

Of course, Julia Barretto didn't take it seriously and laughed while she was adjusting her dress, specifically the undergarments that showed off in the video.