Sunday, August 13, 2017

SHOCKING: A thug threw acid over to students leaving them in a coma!

A supposed happy and fun-filled party became these students' worst nightmares after a thug poured acid on their faces! A thug hurled acid at a student and her cousin during their 21st birthday celebration, leaving them with the most life-changing injuries.

The students of Manchester Met, Resham Khan and her cousin Jameel Muhktar were driving through the East London when they stopped on a red traffuc light. They had their windows down and were enjoying the music, celebrating another year in their lives

As they were waiting for the lights to change a man suddenly threw a corrosive substance through their opened window, straight to Khan's face. After a few moments, the man walked to the other side and throw more acid at Mr. Muhktar.

Miss Khan who happens to be a business management student said that she watched her clothes burn away while she was struggling to severe pain caused by the acid.

She also added that she and her cousin tried driving away from the attacker but ends up crashing their car when they experienced extreme pain. They were then forced to strip their clothes off and walked on the streets, begging for the passersby's helps.

A kind stranger then drove the pair to the hospital. Muhktar was then induced into a coma while Khan suffered a skin graft.