Tuesday, August 15, 2017

'Si Bes tinikman si kumpare!' OFW comes home to her Fiancee, only to find out that he's been cheating on her with her best friend!

An OFW came home to be with her family and to mend things with her boyfriend, the father of her daughter - but ends up discovering something devastating.

Best friends are considered as people's sisters or brothers from another mother. They are the ones who know everything about us and they are the ones whom we trust our secrets with. But then, we should always make sure that the 'SHARING' that we do, have limitations because we don't have any idea what they wanted to share with us.

A Facebook user named Veronica Jhane has recently posted a lengthy Facebook status, revealing how her 7-year relationship with her fiancee and the 12 year friendship she had with her best friend were both ruin because of one mistake! 

Things were fine between them, in fact, they are already trying to plan for a bigger and brighter future for their daughter. To secure their daughter's future, Veronica decided to work abroad. But then, little did she know that while she's working in Qatar, her long distance relationship with her boyfriend is slowly drifting apart. Small fights in LDRs are normal and will soon be mended, but finding comfort with another person is something that couples should avoid! 

To earn more money, after working in Qatar, she flew to Dubai to work as well. But then, their relationship took a turn for the worst! Their small fight and misunderstandings became worse to the point that it led them to a possible breakup and so to mend things between them, Veronica decided to return to the Philippines. But instead of mending thins between them, she just discovered something even more devastating.