Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Mga kilalang artista na nasobrahan sa pagpapa-retoke! Sino sino sila? Kilalanin dito!

We are all beautiful in our own ways. We all have different kinds of beauty and it's up to us to find the beauty within ourselves.  However, in this society filled with people who would judge you for being who you really, it's hard to believe that you're beautiful. You cannot please everybody and people would always have something negative to say about you.

Those who often think that they're still not enough and that they aren't beautiful enough, so they would risk everything and try to undergo a cosmetic surgery. There's nothing wrong with undergoing a surgery for as long as you know your limitations.

Now, we have here the list of celebrities who somehow had too much of cosmetic surgeries to the point that they are already unrecognizable because of the drastic change in their appearance.

1. Arci Munoz

2. Ruffa Gutierrez

3. Toni Gonzaga

4. Alex Gonzaga

5. Katrina Halili

6. Nadine Lustre

7. Jennylyn Mercado

8. Kris Bernal

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