Saturday, August 19, 2017

This girl is the first ever Filipina to celebrate her 18th birthday at the Mall Of Asia Arena! How much was spent for her birthday? READ THIS!

We all have dreamt of celebrating our very own 18th birthday in a glamorous way. From the huge gowns down to the fancy venue, name it and every girl probably had their own plans for their debut. But then, did you ever see yourself celebrating your own 18th birthday at one of the biggest arena's in your country? Probably not! 

Now, there's this woman who took down all the luxurious 18th birthday celebrations out there after she celebrated her own debut at the Mall of Asia Arena! You've read that right, the MOA Arena! 

It was back in April 2017 when a woman named Dian Serranilla took the internet by a storm after she celebrated her new step to the adult life, her 18th birthday at the Mall of Asia Arena. 

Serranilla who's now being tagged as the 'MOA Arena Debutante' was hailed as the first ever Filipina to ever celebrate her 18th birthday at the Mall of Asia Arena. 

"MOA Arena was the top choice because the venue met all the specifications needed for the stage and everything else." These were the exact words from the debutante when asked why she chose such grand venue for her birthday.

Her 18th birthday celebration was filled with thousands of guests and celebrities to witness the fashion show and some sort of a mini concert including her and her family. 

After the story of her Debut went extremely viral online, the netizens couldn't help but ask: "Magkano kaya nagastos?" And you better thank PEP now because they've done a research about the costs and all the important details of Serranilla's debut!