Sunday, August 13, 2017

This man discovered a hidden surprise inside the door of the second-hand car he bought from a police auction!

We all have loved buying things with a cheaper price. Let's face it, we even visit auctions, garage sales and others just to buy slightly used things in a cheaper price. However, did you know that there are some people who are lucky enough to find a hidden treasure from the things that they buy in an auction. Sometimes, the biggest surprise in our lives are hidden in the most unexpected places! 

This is the story of an anonymous person whose life has changed after he discovered something in the car that he bought from an auction. Although this story has been posted back in 2013, it's still making the rounds online because people are still in disbelief of what he discovered.

This man bought a car from a police auction, but then, he noticed that the remote power of the window is broken so he decided to repair it. He chose to fix it at home for him to save money.

However, when he removed the plastic panel covering the car door, he was surprised to see black bag, concealed. 

He opened the black sack that he found in the car doors and became even more curious when he found neat rectangular bundles tightly wrapped with a duct tape.