Monday, August 14, 2017

Top 10 celebrities who d!3d at a young age. Who are they? Watch this!

You know what they say, death is inevitable. But is it really inevitable? Life is full of surprise and one of it is the death. No one has any idea when and where they would breathe their last breath. 

There are also some people who died too soon without even showing signs. Now, we have here the list of celebrities who died too soon but will forever stay in the hearts of their fans:

1. Rico Yan
- No one could probably forget this young man. He is a matinee idol who captured the hearts of the viewers because of his charm and killer smile. In 2002, Rico Yan was found dead inside his hotel room, after a night out. Doctors said that he had a cardiac arrest.

2. Julie Vega
- He was a signer, actress and commercial model in the 80s. However, not long after her high school graduation, she was diagnosed with demyelinating disease and was then confined to the Quezon Institute. Eventually, she died. 

3. Tenten Munoz
- She was the original singer of the 90s hit 'Kaba'. She was 19 years old when she died due to brain cancer.

4. Ramgen Revilla
- In 2011 he died. Reports claimed that he was shot and stabbed inside his residence and was declared dead on arrival at the Paranaque Medical Center.

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