Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Vice Ganda Surprised And Amazed Everyone When He Ate THIS In Cebu! UNBELIEVABLE!

Vice Ganda is one of the most popular comedians in the Philippine Showbiz industry. He became a popular celebrity because of his loud personality that people usually find intimidating but then, Vice has proven that despite being popular, he still remained simple. 

On his Instagram account, Vice Ganda posted a couple of Instagram stories that captured the attention of the netizens on social media. In a couple of short clips on his social media account, Vice Ganda documented their visit to a place in Cebu called Tisa. Tisa is a popular place in Cebu that's known for their siomai.

Vice Ganda, of course, was curious as to why a lot of people are visiting the place so he decided to try it by himself.

In the videos, Vice Ganda asked his friends why they decided to explore the Cebu at night and asked what they would see in Cebu at night. He was even acting naughty by repeatedly asking his friends why they haven't hopped off the car yet. 

"Sige subukan mong maglakad-lakad diyan!" His friend said sarcastically, pointing out that there are lots of people out there and that he might get mobbed.


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