Saturday, August 12, 2017

'Wala nang pang check-in!' Footage of a couple making out inside a bar goes viral online! WATCH THIS!

There's nothing wrong with being intimate with your partner right? For as long as you're both doing it in the right place where there's no one who could see what you're doing. However, it seems that most couples these days are missing out these point and they no longer care about anyone who could see them doing it in a public place.

Couples these days tend to be more aggressive that they would agree to make love or simply make out in public places, doing public display of affection everywhere.

Now, another couple has been caught doing it in a public place! But this time, it seems that they're not hiding from anyone or they have no plans on keeping it a secret because they were doing it in a bar!

The Facebook page of TIGERhear TV has recently posted a video of a couple taken inside a bar. As of this writing, the video has already garnered 411 thousand views, 3k reactions and more than 2k shares.

The one minute and thirty seconds video clip showed this couple literally going for IT inside a place that somehow appears like a bar.