Friday, September 29, 2017

24 Anyos Na Studyante Sa Australia Mas Nag-Eenjoy Makipag-Date Sa Mga Mas Matatandang Lalaki Sa Isang Online Dating Site!

Online dating has been a way for people to communicate and to meet strangers whom they can date. Online dating is usually used to pursue personal, romantic or even s*xual relationship. The most popular online dating site of today is Tinder. Tinder claims that there are 26 million matches daily since the day it was launched in 2012. 

However, online dating doesn't only bring you close to strangers, but it can also bring you closer to online predators who'd just take advantage of your innocence.

Although some people claim that Tinder is the perfect online dating site, a 24-year-old Aussie woman begs to disagree and claims that there's a better dating site out there. But then, this isn't your typical dating site! 

This typical website seeks sugar babies who are willing to date older men.

A woman named Jayndi Jade is a beautiful student who started going out on dates with her sugar daddies a couple of months ago. Today, she claims that she's happier than ever and for the past few weeks, she's been dating a 48-year-old man who works in a hospitality, and runs a number of hotels, bars and clubs.

This site attracts students by saying "Say goodbye to college debt and hello to higher class education".

However, Jayindi isn't after the money at all.