Thursday, September 14, 2017

An 18-Year-Old Girl Who Went Missing For 24 Years, Shocked The Authorities After They Found Out About Her Horrifying Secret!

The internet is indeed filled with the most bizarre stories of all time. There had been lots of entertaining stories online but also, there were a couple of mysterious stories that left everyone wondering about it. 

Now, we have here another unbelievable story with a twist! 

A woman named Eliabeth Fritzl is one of those thousands of children who had experienced child abuse. Fritzl grew up with her parents named Joseph and Rosemarie, along with their six other siblings.

At a young age, she has already become the recipient of her father's fist of anger. Because of what had happened, she has been thinking of running away from home. When she reached the age of 18, she started working at a restaurant. However, on August 29, 1984, she went missing and left without a trace! 

Her mother has decided to file a missing person's report after Elisabeth went missing.

A month after she went missing, a letter came and Joseph Fritzl quickly surrendered it to the authorities.

The letter that was allegedly written by the missing teen, stated that she was staying with a friend. She then warned everyone not to look at her again for she will leave the country for good. What's quite mysterious is that none of her friends know where she was.

Joseph, on the other hand, thought that Elisabeth was under the supervision of a cult and was already brainwashed. 

What they all didn't know is that Elisabeth has just been hiding from them all this time! Her father was the suspect in this crime!