Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Construction Workers Were Digging When They Accidentally Hit Something Hard On The Ground. What They Discovered Was Amazing!

Nature never fails to surprise us. Where ever we are and whatever it is that we're doing, nature will always have its own way of surprising us and sometimes, this happens in the most unexpected moments in our lives.

One proof of this is a group of construction workers who were just doing what they were asked for when they stumbled upon a great discovery.

Just recently, the researchers came across an ancient discovery. These researchers discovered an ancient whale graveyard that was unearthed by the Pan-American Highway Project. 

The first trove of bones was discovered by a group of construction workers that were immediately turned over to the scientists who then identified that those were skeletons of more than 40 marine mammals including two seals, an aquatic sloth, and an extinct species of a sperm whale. 

These creatures were thought to have been killed 10 thousand years ago. Chilean and Smithsonian paleontologists study revealed that fossilized whale skeletons at Cerro Ballena, also known as “Whale Hill,” next to the Pan-American Highway in the Atacama region of Chile.

The location where the bones were found was far from the ocean and was 120 feet above the sea level.

The skeletons were well-preserved at four distinct levels. Nick Pyenson, the curator of fossil marine mammals at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History said: “Most animals were belly-up, suggesting death at sea or shortly after washing ashore."

The whale fossils then underwent a medium range 3D surface scanning to create the original arrangement of the skeletons. This process will allow the experts to print out the replicas of the bones that will be taken into the museums.