Friday, September 29, 2017

Dahil Sa 'Facial Deformity' Naging Sentro Ng Pambu-Bully Ang Babaeng Ito. Ngunit Lahat Ay Humanga Matapos Ang Kanyang Surgery!

Let's face the fact that there are lots of women out there who already had the confidence. These women are already confident by what they were given. Sometimes, confidence comes after a woman's beauty, if she feels that her beauty isn't enough, then she probably lacks confidence. What adds up to their low self-esteem is the people who keep on telling her that she's no good at anything because of the way she looks.

A woman named Ellie Jones was born with a facial deformity, causing her jaw to stop growing at the age of eight. At first, she thought that the only problem she's facing is her misaligned teeth so she sought help from a dentist.

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