Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Daniel Padilla at Kisses Delavin Inulan Ng Batikos Matapos Silang Makitang Ginagawa Ito!

The Miracle Daughter o Masbate, Kisses Delavin, rose to fame after she was hailed as the second big placer of Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7, wherein Maymay Entrata was hailed as the big winner.

Right after her Pinoy Big Brother journey, doors of opportunities have opened for Kisses Delavin, giving her a way to enter the showbiz industry and as a showbiz personality, she's expected to be seen acting close to perfection. Why? Despite that she's just a human, she's obliged to act fine because people will be eyeing on the things that she'd do since she's just new to the industry and in the tiniest mistakes, people would bash her!

In fact, just recently, Kisses Delavin became the center of talks on social media after a photo of her with Daniel Padilla went extremely viral online.

The Instagram account of 'KathnielsPrivate' a photo of Kisses and Daniel Padilla was posted. The photo shows Daniel Padilla hugging Kisses Delavin.

In line with this, the YouTube channel of 'Showbiz na Showbiz' has also posted a video claiming that Daniel Padilla comforted kisses after she was flooded with hate comments from the bashers. Kisses didn't feel good about what had happened and so Daniel Padilla, being the good guy, comforted Kisses to make her feel better.