Friday, September 29, 2017

Ellen Adarna at John Lloyd Cruz HIWALAY NA? Basahin Ang Buong Kwento Dito!

Just a few weeks ago, Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz were the center of talks online. This was after photos and videos of them together took the internet by a storm.

Ellen and Lloydie went on a trip to Cebu along with their other friends. During their trip, Ellen and John Lloyd took photos that shocked everyone. There were sweet photos of them cuddling while there were even photos wherein Ellen was kissing Lloydie's cheeks. These photos sparked rumors that they are currently dating.

What strengthen the rumors is their term of endearment. On their posts and videos, they were calling each other as 'baby' and 'baby love'. 

However, a few weeks after the photos took the internet by a storm, the netizens have noticed that there were changes on their respective Instagram accounts. Before, their Instagram accounts were filled with photos of them together but now, all their previous photos were deleted.

When you visit their accounts, all the photos where they were seen together were already deleted. This then sparked a controversy that they've already decided to part ways, especially now that John Lloyd's popularity has decreased because of his viral videos with Ellen.