Saturday, September 16, 2017

Ever Wondered What Happened To F4's Hua Ze Lei? This Is His Life Now After The Meteor Garden!

Meteor Garden is a Taiwanese drama in 2001 that depicts the story of a poor teenage girl who studies at a prestigious school because of her parents. The university where she goes to, is dominated by the F4 and since she realized how arrogant they are, they decided to stand up for the other students but she ended up being the victim after she was terrorized by the other students. However, while she's being terrorized and abused, The leader of F4 has fallen in love with her and there starts the most painful love story of all time!

Right after the series has ended, people are now asking where the Meteor Garden stars are now! People can't help but ask if they're already married or not.

Now, do you remember Vic Chou? Vic Chou is the man who played the role of Hua Ze Lei in the hit television series. 

We've known him as the mysterious man who never speaks about anything. He's quite the nice guy in their group, F4.

Where is he now? Well, up to this date, Vic Chou or Hua Ze Lei is still active in the industry. He still does movies, shows and even modelling projects. But then, the big question is, is he already married?