Saturday, September 23, 2017

Humingi Ng Tulong Ang Isang Ama Matapos Magsumbong Ang Kanyang Anak Na Nuhli Si Misis Na Nakapatong Sa Isang Lalaki Sa Banyo!

What would you do when your child suddenly told you that he witnessed how his mother made love with another man in their home? Most men would probably say that they'd get furious about it, but then, there's this man who wanted to have the custody of his child after he heard about what had happened.

A man named Restituto Venezuela has recently sought help from Raffy Tulfo after his child told him that he's been seeing his mother making love inside the bathroom, with another man. Restituto also stated that when his son was telling him about it, he was even doing what he saw.

Restituto's children are currently living with their mother while he's away from them, working, to provide their needs. However, he had no idea that while he's away, his children have been witnessing the worst from their mother!

Raffy Tulfo then decided to call Restituto's wife/ex-live-in partner to confront her about what had happened. When she answered the call, she questioned Restituto about why he has to go to the radio station just to complain about the things between them.

It was then when Raffy Tulfo butt in and told her that what she did was wrong and that she should never do such thing in places where their children can see them. However, the woman denied the allegations and told Raffy that Restituto is lying.