Saturday, September 23, 2017

Ipinagtanggol Ng Netizen Na Ito Ang Babaeng Hinusgahan Dahil Sa Kanyang Kasuotan! Alamin Ang Buong Kwento Dito!

Gone are the days of freedom and it seems that people have already welcomed a whole new thought of living: by judging people. People these days would do anything and everything just so they could feel better about themselves, they'd even go to the extent of judging people just to make themselves look better.

Now, a Facebook user has recently posted a couple of photos of a grocery shopper. At first, you'd see nothing wrong with it, but then, it's the caption that makes this post all wrong! The post shows a woman shopping at the grocery with her shorts and a tube, covering her breasts. The post also came with the caption: "Kapag kayo ang nakakita ng ganito sa KCC na nagogrocery, ano ang magiging reaction niyo?"

While some people find this entertaining, some people also find this quite offensive, especially to the part of the woman who just wore what she wanted to wear. 

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