Sunday, September 24, 2017

Long-Time Boyfriend Ni Sue Ramirez Ipinakilala Na Sa Publiko! Ano Na Nga Bang Estado Ng Relasyon Nila? Alamin Dito!

The social media darling Sue Ramirez has once again become the center of talks online! She was hailed as the social media darling not just because of her half-western, half Filipina beauty, but also because of her talents in singing and even in dancing!

Her angelic voice can really make anyone fall for her! However, it's quite saddening for the fans of Sue Ramirez to find out that she's already in a relationship with her non-showbiz boyfriend. Photos of them together went viral online, exposing the real score between them.

The photos of them showed how sweet they are together. There were also some photos of them hugging each other. However, no further details about their relationship were revealed.

The YouTube channel of 'Jassyreignz happyTV', even posted a compilation of photos of the lovely couple, back in January 2017. But then, in an update back in June 2017, it was revealed that Sue and her boyfriend already parted ways.

Sue Ramirez reveals that it was last March when they broke up, and just a couple of months after the breakup, Sue admits that she's happier than ever.