Saturday, September 23, 2017

Madalas Himatayin Ang 'Super Slim' Na Babaeng Ito, Pero Nagbago Ang Buhay Niya Nang Madiskubre Niya Ang Gym Na Ito!

Most people who suffer from anorexia tend to believe that they are useless and that they are no good in the world. What they all didn't know is everything's just a matter of perspectives. 

An 18-year-old woman named Vera Schulz has been suffering from anorexia. She struggles to gain weight because of her condition and for that, she only weighed approximately 32 kilograms. But then, this young woman from Stavropol in Southwest Russia, never expected that she'd be able to recover through a fitness instructor.

According to her, she constantly fainted since her energy levels are too low yet her school works have high demands and so she has no idea how to fix things. What makes everything even worse is her flat which is located on the fifth floor of the building and since there isn't any lift in the building, she'd have to spend an hour to reach her flat.

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