Sunday, September 24, 2017

Maraming Netizens Ang Nakapansin Na May Mali Sa Legs Ni Nadine Lustre! Silipin Ang Viral Photo Dito!

Nadine Lustre was hailed as the sexiest woman in the Philippines after she topped the FHM's list of sexiest women. Although she received criticisms after being hailed as the sexiest, Nadine Lustre just unknowingly proves that she deserves the title.

Through her photos on different Instagram accounts, you'd be able to see how gorgeous and how flawless Nadine Lustre is! She has this flawless legs and skin that everyone's wishing to have. However, just recently, Nadine Lustre became the center of talks online after a video was posted on the YouTube channel of 'WorldBiz Entertainment'.

The said YouTube channel has recently posted a video of Nadine Lustre, showing her photos taken at the Aivee clinic where she underwent a treatment.

However, the netizens noticed something odd about the viral video. The netizens noticed that there was somehow a bruise on Nadine Lustre's legs.

The photo that was originally posted on Dr. Aivee's Instagram account showed Nadine standing next to her while doing her signature 'show-your-legs' pose. The photo even came with a caption: "Working on a Rainy Day ☔️ Sweater day 👚Catching up with this girl 💗@nadine"

A lot of netizens quickly thought that something's wrong with Nadine Lustre that's why she has a huge bruise on her legs.