Sunday, September 24, 2017

McDo Breakup: Galit na Galit Si BF Matapos Isama Ni GF Si Best Friend Sa Kanilang Date!

Let's face the fact that a lot of people have been using social media to share videos and photos that they find interesting. One of the videos that people often find interesting is those videos showing the unexpected breakups between couples. What makes it more interesting is when these breakups take place at a shopping center.

Just recently, a Facebook user named Ria Angelika Gonzaga had posted two videos taken at the food court of SM City Puerto Princesa. The videos were actually a confrontation between a couple and a best friend.

The viral video came with the caption that reads: "Ate wag mo na kasi dalahin “bespren” mo sa mga date niyo. Ayan tuloy qiqil mo si kuya. Bago bago ng SM may naghihiwalay na kaagad.". With its caption, you'll instantly have a hint on what the video is all about, but as you watch the video, you'll realize that it really is an interesting video! 

In the videos, a young man was furious after his girlfriend brought her best friend on their date. He was extremely furious by the fact that it's their date but she still brought her best friend with her, take note, the best friend is a guy! 

The scene gets more and more intense as the boyfriend stood up and tried to pull his girlfriend away from her best friend, but to no avail. The best friend kept on defending the girl and it just made the boyfriend more furious. 

In the end, the girl and her best friend just left the scene, preventing a more scandalous breakup.