Saturday, September 2, 2017

Mga Bagay Na Ginagawa Sa'yo Ng Girlfriend Mo Na Nagsasabing Niloloko Ka Na Niya!

Most people tend to think that women are the ones who are less likely to cheat on their partners because they are the ones who always dreamt of their future with you. Plus, they always say that they don't want their future daughters to question why they'd have to cheat on their partners. However, there are times when women still choose to cheat. It's not as if it's a natural occurrence but let's just face the fact that these days, cheaters are now women.

People believe that women tend to cheat on their partner when they are already losing interest in them and that the things that they want in life aren't being provided by their current partner and as a result, women cheat on their partners and look for someone who they think is 'better'. But what they're missing out is the point that nothing can be better than a man who's faithful to his girl.

Now, for you to be warned about getting cheated on, then check out the list of things that women often do when they are cheating in a relationship:

1. She picks fight
- It's pretty normal for women to start a fight, but for them to constantly nag you and pick a fight even on the tiniest mistakes, then you better beware because this means that she's already cheating on you. They often do this so that when one already had enough, one of them would have the courage to end what they have and 'cheating' will no longer be the reason for their bad breakup.

2. New male 'Friend'
- If she suddenly starts spending time with his new male friend, then you should start worrying. If she constantly spends time with his new friend but she doesn't want to talk about what's happening between them, then stay alert because this is another sign. He might be her NEW partner.

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