Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mga Kilalang 'BOMBA' o Bold Stars Ng 90s! Nasan Na Sila Ngayon? Alamin Dito!

We can't deny the fact that the Philippine showbiz industry has a wide range of crafts. There are drama, comedy and even sexy films that were loved by the viewers. Aside from the fact that the viewers loved the films, it is also noted that most of them usually fell in love with the lead actors and actresses, especially if those artists are starring in a sexy film.

Hot films in the industry rose to fame in the 70s and it was carried in the 90s, showcasing more gorgeous and hotter celebrities.

Now, we have here the list of female celebrities who were considered as the hottest sexy stars in the industry:

1. Cristina Gonzales
- She's the woman who was tagged as 'Kring Kring'. She starred in the film 'Ang Katawan Ni Sofia'. Now, she's already married to Bongbong Marcos' cousin. 

2. Joyce Jimenez
- She was once tagged as the Pantasya ng Bayan. She rose to fame after the success of her "Balahibong Pusa" and "Scorpio Nights 2".  Now, she's already happy and that she's already a mother to her child. 

3. Ana Capri
- She has been featured in the most exotic sexy scenes who starred in the movies "Pila-Balde" and "Hugot". She still continues her career and she's still taking minor roles in films.

4. Ina Raymundo
- She's currently a part of La Luna Sangre. This famous sexy star back then is now one of the hottest moms in the industry.