Monday, September 18, 2017

A Farmer Found A Huge Shell In His Farm. When He Realized What It Was, He Can't Believe It!

What would you do when you accidentally found something in your farm that actually belongs to the pre-historic years? Will you call the authorities or you'd rather inspect and admire its beauty?

A farmer in Argentina named Antonio Nievas was just tending to his land when he accidentally stumbled upon a huge shell. The huge shell was located down on a land. Nievas initially thought that the shell was just an egg but when he took a closer look at it, he realized that it was a prehistoric shell!

The shell that was about a meter long and was black and scaly was inspected by the experts and the authorities. 

The strange discovery captured the scientists' attention and even the media were attracted and interested in the shell. A lot of people were curious about its origins! 

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