Sunday, September 24, 2017

Nakarinig Ng Kakaibang Ingay Ang Lalaking Ito Sa Kanilang Bahay Nang Lagyan Niya Ito Ng Camera, Di Niya Inaasang ITO Ang Kanyang Makikita!

What would you do when you accidentally find out that someone has been sneaking up in your attic, creating holes to spy on you and your family?

A man from Pittsburgh, USA, has been arrested after he was found crawling around the attic of a family's house. He even has a power drill on his hand while continuously crawling in the attic.

Jerome and Ashley Kennedy are currently living in Pittsburgh, USA, with their 10-month-old baby when they realized that there's something wrong going on in their attic.

Jerome stated that one day, he was laying down his daughter in the crib when he heard some strange sounds coming from their attic. He stated that he knew that somebody was up there. 

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