Monday, September 18, 2017

Natakot Ang Netizens Na Ito Nang Makita Ang Isang Cooler Na Palutang Lutang Sa Ilog! Nang Buksan Nila Ito, Nagulat Sila Sa Kanilang Nakita!

What would you do when you were enjoying your time in the river when a floating cooler all sealed up came in? Would you open it out of curiosity or you'd rather push it away without knowing what's inside?

These group of guys decided to go down in the river near them and do an old-fashioned way of 'chilling'. They were enjoying their 'bro time' when suddenly, the man with a camera noticed a strange thing floating in the distance. Because of their curiosity, he decided to ask one of his friends to get it.

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