Saturday, September 2, 2017

'Parang bikini ng may karanasan na sa partner!' Nadine Lustre Tinadtad Ng Pangba-Bash Galing Sa Netizens Dahil Sa Kanyang Bikini Photos!

A lot of people believe that in this generation, if a celebrity doesn't make noise on social media, then it simply means that she's already starting to lose her fame. They believe that one way to tell that a celebrity is still popular is when she/he gets bashed or praised online!

If the statement above is really true, then maybe Nadine Lustre is still one of the most famous because aside from her regular appearance on It's Showtime, Nadine Lustre is always the center of bashing on social media. 

She's been bashed for being too clingy, too needy and too showy when it comes to her boyfriend, James Reid. Netizens claim that Nadine Lustre starts losing herself every time she's with James Reid.

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