Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sa Loob Ng 50 Years, May Napakalaking Scarf Sa Ulo Ng Lalaking Ito! Laking Gulat Ng Mga Tao Nang Makita Kung Ano Nasa Loob Ng Scarf!

For decades, this man has been hiding a huge thing in his head and people can't help but ask what he's been hiding inside it for years.

A man named Tran Van Hay who happens to be a local herbal healer from Klen Glang Province in Vietnam, decided to grow his hair out. According to his story, he was just 25 years old when he decided to stop getting a haircut and just start growing his hair. Now, it has been 50 years since he hid his long hair with a huge scarf!

After he reused to get a haircut, he hid his locks of hair inside a huge scarf and people are asking what that huge thing in his head is.

Reports also stated that Tran Van Hey decided to let his hair down when he got seriously sick after getting a haircut at a local barbershop. What had happened to him traumatized him and so he refused to do anything about his hair again.

His wife even claimed that he has the longest hair in the world. His wife also added that ever since he refused to get a haircut, his personality has changed. He was inspired by the Buddhist monks in their area and there, he became a herbal healter.